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280 Group Marketing Consulting
Provides marketing and product management consultants and contractors to help Silicon Valley companies define, launch, and market new products.
Alexander Simpkin
Fields of activity include high level lead generation, outbound training in telemarketing and telesales, distance learning and strategic consultancy, mostly in the business to business and business to trade marketplaces.
Boston Communications, Inc.
Serving telecommunications, life sciences, and enterprise IT.
DKP & Associates
International telemarketing and call center consulting firm offering scriptwriting, training, and more.
Do-Not-Call Protection, Inc.
Offers automatic do-not-call list protection for call centers.
Marketing Partners Incorporated
Offers a blend of techniques to target your prospects.
McKee Motivation
Teaches telemarketing, tele-sales, and customer service skills and techniques.
Miller Direct Marketing
Tele-business and customer service consultancy based in Port Washington, NY.
Penoyer Communications
Sales and management consulting firm specializing in the development, implementation, training, and management of inside sales and telemarketing organizations.
Phone Works
Develops lead generation, telemarketing, and telesales at high technology companies for revenue growth acceleration. Also provides interim sales management and training.
Full service telemarketing consulting firm offering free quotes for any call center, telemarketing, or direct marketing need.
TIP Communications
Secializing in direct response telephone marketing programs including appointment setting, lead generation, seminars, netconferencing, and more.
Van Vechten Group
Consultants specializing in telephone sales.