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Traffic Measurement
Targeted Website Traffic Link Partner
Increase website traffic from a guaranteed Targeted Traffic leader, Top Traffic Wholesaler. More Web Site Traffic Means More Sales.
Web-based software to track and analyze site visits that presents customized reports, sorting and grouping capabilities, filters, and the ability to mark visits by pre-defined rules.
Ad Server Solutions
Banner ad management software. Tracks and reports banner ad campaign success.
Provides a link tracker / click tracker service to count link clicks. Also useful as a URL cloaker. Ideal for affiliate links. Can calculate cost of each click.
Track the response and success of all your ads such as PPC, eZines, banners and mailists in real time with this on-line ad tracker and sales tracking management system.
Clickstream Technologies plc.
Provides web site analysis technology which tracks and measures visitor behavior both online and offline.
Compete, Inc
Provides a Web-based consumer intelligence service that offers companies time-sensitive analysis of web users' consumer behavior.
Coremetrics, Inc
Coremetrics solution is the first true ASP-based comprehensive eMarketing platform. Coremetrics delivers insight on visitor browsing and purchasing behavior that you can actually use for your business-critical decisions.
Information specialist, proposes internet audience measurement and research services.
An international provider of online advertising data. Evaliant offers the most comprehensive, accurate up to date intelligence on where, when, how, and how much web advertisers are advertising online.
eVisit Analyst
Offers a range of services to analyse web traffic to your site. It can be used to monitor visitors, referring sites, viewing behaviour and advertising campaigns in real-time.
Eyes On Traffic
Real time website traffic monitoring including the entire visit history, IP address, number of pages visited, and conversion rate.
A web-based online advertising tracking service. Tracks all types of online advertising with real-time reporting.
Real-time measurement and reporting of website traffic.
Tracks every web site and URL visited by a scientifically selected, representative sample of the Natural Population of a target web site.
Offers targeted Internet leads delivered to the client's website and charged by click-thru. Only pay for traffic that has hit the site.
This on-line web service offers real-time analysis of web-based marketing campaigns and web site traffic.
Offers a variety of site analytics services to track website visitor behavior including referrals, conversion rates, user path tracking, and search engine activity. Some services offer custom report creation.
Provides solutions to help web owners evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns.
Tracks all of your ad campaigns over the web and provides real-time reporting of traffic levels and affiliate revenue.

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