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Media Analysis
Provides market research, information and analysis to the consumer products and service industries in 95 countries.
Measures radio audiences in local markets, and tracks consumer, media, and retail activity.
Undertakes the study and observation of consumer shopping behavior. Background information, services, jobs, and contact details [requires Flash].
Bruzzone Research Company,
Specializes in advertising research. Also offers a variety of testing and tracking services.
Cormex Research
A Canadian media content measurement and analysis firm offering practitioners in issues management, marketing and public relations, an accurate tool for measuring the effectiveness of communications programs.
Interact Communications
Responding to corporate research, marketing, media, and training needs.
Keenote Marketing and Media
Provides targeted market analysis and strategy, demographics, market segmentation, direct marketing, sales leads, and more.
Mediamark Research
Supplies multimedia audience research to magazines, television, radio, web sites, and advertising agencies.
International media analysis, evaluation, press and PR research and PR planning.
Telmar Group
Supplier of media planning software and support services. Systems for media and marketing decision making.