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Jumbo Inflatables
Australian outfit offering custom-made inflatables and balloons.
Kaysam Worldwide, Inc.
Manufacturer of latex balloons for meteorological and advertising purposes.
Kent Balloons (UK) Ltd.
Wholesalers, suppliers, and printers of latex balloons for all your needs.
Larger Than Life Inflatables
Manufacturer of advertising balloons, blimps, kid's jumps, inflatable games, product replicas, and small POP balloons.
Mini Zepp
Manufacturer of indoor and outdoor radio-controlled blimps. Based in Switzerland.
Mister Inflatable, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cold air inflatables.
Mobile Airships & Blimps
Manufactures and operates radio controlled blimps and inflatables.
Paramount Promotions
Manufactures, rents, and sells advertising inflatables, signs, and banners including hot air and helium balls and blimps, wind wiggles, and custom designs.
PCA Promotions Inc.
Source of advertising balloons, banners, pennants, and inflatables.
Professor Muldoon's HoT Air Balloon and Promotion Co.
Hot air balloon rides and tethers, dealer and instructor for Buckeye Powered Parachutes, sales and rentals of rooftop inflatables and helium balloons.
Sells offset and silkscreen printing machines and supplying all accessories needed to provide a customized printing service, different types of balloons, inks, accessories.
Richard Bacon Inflatables
Provides blimps, bouncy castles, spacewalks, exhibition spheres, product replicas, and giant characters.
Sky Tracker Promotions
Advertising using rooftop balloons, spotlights and searchlights.
Skyline Promotions
Manufacture custom balloons, stock balloons, interactive - inflatables, and custom banners.
Sales, rental, and leasing of custom rooftop advertising balloons nationwide. Manufacturer of giant custom advertising balloons and "The Dominator" searchlight.
Southern Balloon Works Inc.
Offers blimps, helium balloons, cold air inflatables, product replicas, and tents.
Southern Balloon Works, Inc.
Manufactures giant advertising balloons, blimps and radio-controlled airships.
Talking Balloons
Print promotional balloons using a unique 4 color screen print that gives pin-sharp and bright images.
U.S. Inflatables
Manufacturer of quality inflatable displays for promotions, festivals, trade shows, conventions, grand openings and sporting events.
Unique Inflatables Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of advertising inflatables and balloons, airships, etc.

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