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CD-ROM Business Cards
CD Business Cards
Offers Flash business card CD designs on a mini business card CD ROM.
CD Business Cards and Website Design.
Scottweb Design for CD Business cards and complete internet services in the UK. Based in Cheshunt Hertfordshire our one to one approach to business assures you of complete satisfaction.
CD Cardz
Production options include company Web site, multimedia template, and custom designs, as well as duplication services.
CD Digital Card
Offers CDs in the size of business cards and various other shapes for multimedia presentations.
CD Music Premiums
Customized CD compilations.
CD Netcard
Interactive business card for marketing and communication, includes product description and samples.
CD ShapeCutters
Specializes in custom shaped CDs and DVDs as well as audio duplication and replication, full service packaging and fulfillment, and multimedia design.
CD Sonic, Inc.
Shaped CD business card manufacturing.
CD-ROM Business Cards Marketing
Offers CD-ROM business cards and multimedia productions for marketing purposes.
Manufacturer of CD and video cards, promotional phonecards, and CD-R DIY kits.
Interactive multimedia CD business and marketing cards.
Offers CD business cards, shaped CDs, and CD-Rs.
Products range from cd packaging to CDR media. Services are replication, duplication, business cards, shaped CDs.
Offers recordable digital CD business cards, CD-ROM duplication, multi-media productions, and interactive presentations.
Citiscape Shapes
Offering CD business card products and information, blank CD cards, labels, and labeling software.
Citiscape Shapes, Ltd.
Provides shaped CD business cards.
CMMatzinger & Associates
Offers CD business cards, CD-Rs, shaped CDs, and media development.
Cold Call Cowboy
Audio business cards and personal magazine covers.
Manufacturer of blank and printed composite plastic cards, secure identification, and other high security product
Compufolk Services
Produces business cards and presentations on CD-ROM.

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