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Lenticular & Holographics
Citadel 3-D Creations
Singapore based operation offering promotional items using custom made, holograms lenticulars.
Digillax Systems
Provides lenticular imaging, printing and consulting services.
Grayson Marshall Dimensional Imaging
Large scale lenticular printing for 3d and flip image effects.
Hive Associates Ltd
English company that offers lenticular solutions.
Italian company selling holographic machinery and products.
Lithuanian company producing custom and stock security holograms for document security.
Holophile, Inc.
Marketing communications company specializing in holography and other 3-dimensional media.
Retail store featuring holographic products from watches to baseball cards.
Toronto company specializes in full colour holographic productions.
UK company offering lenticular printing.
Hong Kong company marketing lenticular items.
Lenticular by World Holographics
lenticular and holographic production. Serving the promotions industry in the U.S. for 10 years.
Lenticular Solutions, Inc.
Offers a variety of printed lenticular advertising products.
Lenticular Technology
Korea-based operation supplying 3D lenticulars and other promotional merchandise.
Edible candy holograms featuring custom images.
Liti Holographics
Full color, life size three dimensional holograms with animation for point-of-purchase, trade show, and promotions, includes products, technology, and applications.
National Graphics
Manufacturer of lenticular images with 3d, motion, morph, flip, and zoom effects.
A producer of lenticular imaging including 3-D, animation and flips.
NovaVision, Inc.
Products and services for security, packaging and promotional applications using holograms, mag-stripes, consecutive numbering and bar-coding.
Company offers tamper evident, serial numbered holograms in stock patterns for use as product authenticity.

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