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Direct Mail
AccuZIP, Inc.
Offering PAVE, CASS certified bulk mail, presorting software that adds barcode, crrt and zip+4 to deliverable addresses.
BCC Software, Inc.
Providing CASS and PAVE certified postal mailing software.
BulkMailer Software
Postal pre-sort software.
CD Light
Address matching, zipcode, ZIP+4, area code, time zone, FIPS and county software. Standalone, MS Word, WordPerfect, data files or SDK versions available.
Comco, Inc.
International distributor of mailing software, large format tape drives, industrial printers, mailing supplies and services for mailing database professionals.
EZ Mail
24 hour nationwide barcoded CASS direct mailing label service transforms your raw mailing list into a complete mailing kit.
Freelance Technologies Inc.
Providing software, systems, training and support for mailing and direct marketing purposes.
Sells zip code data files, software, and area code information.
Making mail management software for businesses.
NexTech Systems Corporation
Provides fulfillment and circulation software and services. Daily industry news available for all circulation professionals.
Philix Technologies, Inc
Maker of ZipAware and PostalAware, ZIP code and Canadian Postal code validation and address lookup software for ACT!, Maximizer and GoldMine Contact Manager Software.
Postage $aver
Prepares mailing lists for postal bulk mail and prints simple instructions for preparing each mailing.
Specializing in software. Programs for direct, mail order, retail and online channels. From market assessment/surveys to marketing plans and fullfilment.
Makers of an address database management tool.
ZIP Code World
Offers a United States ZIP code and Canadian Postal code database subscription service that is updated monthly and available for immediate download.