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Market Analysis
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Aprimo Marketing
Software that tracks, manages, and integrates marketing campaigns and activities.
Bill Clarke Consulting
Software marketing.
Genalytics Predictive Modeling
Provides automated marketing analytics solutions transforming customer data into marketing information.
Infinata Inc.
eCRM solutions including customer analytics and campaign management tools. Software is designed to help companies boost customer retention, loyalty and maximize sales and marketing ROI.
Lilien and Rangaswamy: Marketing Engineering
Software tools and books for decision making by Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy. Includes geodemographic, cluster and conjoint analysis, and resource allocation.
Magellan Ing?nierie
ChronoMap provides geomarketing analysis software to find the best place for your new sales outlet. ChronoWay calculates optimized routes.
Market Modelling Ltd
Strategic marketing software handling the classical formats of analysis described in textbooks.
Marketing Analytics Inc.
Software and consulting firm specializing in the analysis of sales and marketing applications.
Marketing Management Analytics
Creates customized marketing and sales software systems that allow consumer product companies to optimize their marketing strategies, reduce costs, and maximize their profits.
Optimal IQ
Reporting, interpretation, and analysis software to help marketers with database integration.
Palo Alto Software
Software and related information for business plans, start-ups, entrepreneuring, marketing, and decision analysis.
Predictive Dynamix
Data mining and predictive modeling software across various industries including marketing, geographical information systems (GIS), customer relationship management (CRM), finance, and engineering applications.
RMH Associates, Inc.
Customer profitability analysis for the banking industry.
A marketing stats solution to help keep track of your target market and your marketing data.