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Listings - ZipSurvey Online Surveys
Web-based survey tools available by subscription for creating, administering and analyzing internet surveys. Includes survey templates and survey consulting services.
CourseShare - SurveyShare Online Survey tool
Web site for designing and conducting online surveys. Create and manage mailing lists and view results in real-time.
Creative Research Systems
Survey software for Web, intranet, e-mail and paper surveys and CAPI and telephone interviewing (CATI). Produces professional reports on paper or online. Also Web survey hosting service.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Ltd.
Specializing in telephone or mail surveys of executives or consumers to track attitudes and preferences.
A web-based tool for creating and administering custom web surveys and downloading the results.
GNU/Linux-based software for creating and administering custom telephone, web and paper surveys.
Tool/service for the design, execution and analysis of custom Web surveys.
A custom web survey service. Offers fully customizable web surveys (including multi-language support), email invitations and hosting, and data delivery once the survey is complete.
Survey design, distribution and analysis software featuring a visual designer, questionnaire flow control, multiple question libraries, multiple distribution methods and statistical analysis tools including graphs.
E-motion Communications - Poll Stream
Web-based tool for setting up multi-question, branching online polls for web sites.
e-Research-Global - Online Survey Research Services
Online survey research services providing data collection and data analysis for marketing, business, government, and nonprofit organizations.
Eastisoft, Inc. - Online Surveys
Online software for creating and administering web surveys and exporting responses in standard formats for further processing and analysis.
eBrands - Survey Builder
Subscription service for a Web-based interface for building and managing custom online surveys. Surveys are hosted for you. Survey design assistance is available.
A suite of products and services to support an integrated web-based survey application for creating and analyzing custom web surveys.
Web based service for creation and management of online surveys. Results provided in real time.
Online market research, survey software, and survey tools. Provides real-time analysis, question libraries, input validation.
ForeSee Results
Web satisfaction management company, providing market research on web site visitor satisfaction.
General Blue Corporation - OfficeSeries Surveys and Questionnaires
Web-based tools for creating and administering custom online surveys. Services include data capture, data exchanges and custom reporting.
Global Reach Internet Productions - InViewsion
Survey and reporting application for custom online and mail surveys.
Golden Hills Software, Inc.
Offers software for creating and administering surveys, and analyzing the results. Supports printed and telephone surveys, as well as surveys on the Internet.

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