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Hosted Survey
Web-based survey software. Create and manage surveys, opinion polls, market research, customer profile and feedback questionnaires. Affordable, user-friendly survey software alternative.
In-Touch Survey Systems
Provides research with the goal of performance improvement. Programs are designed help clients realize company-wide improvements based on timely and accurate research.
iNetSurvey, Inc.
Web-based service for creating, conducting and analyzing online surveys. Results updated in real-time.
Interview Technology
Software solutions for data collection (CAI, CAPI, CATI, CAWI, CASI and WebCati)
JetMan Productions
Web-based service for creating and administering online surveys. Custom formatting and layout options available as well as online analysis of results.
Web site for creating, administering and analyzing custom web surveys. Also supports paper surveys.
Majon International
Offers free tools for generating HTML for online surveys on your web site.
Management Learning Laboratories
Prepares, maintains and provides periodic and final reports for custom web-based recreation community input surveys. Also provides a similar service for paper-based customer satisfaction surveys.
Map Business Solutions Inc.
Web-based interface for creating and administering custom web surveys. Results downloaded in text delimited file.
Marketing Data for Healthcare Planning
Provides national data sets describing patient care utilization and decision support tools to analyze this data.
Marketing Masters
Software specializing in Internet HTML and Java based questionnaires, making online market research polling easy. Produces tables, graphs, text reports, questionnaire forms and statistics.
MarketProven -
Web site for creating and administering custom online surveys. Download results for analysis.
Mercator - Snap
Survey software for questionnaire design, data collection and analysis. Publishes, interviews, collects and analyses web, internet, email, scanning, paper and PDA surveys.
Mobile Memoir - Wireless survey solution
Web site for designing surveys and forms to upload for access by cell phones and PDAs.
Web-based online form and survey creation tool that integrates with contact management systems. Offers measurement consultant service to design, deploy and analyze survey data.
NEBU - Survey Software and Services
Software for CATI, online research and project management. Also hosts Web surveys.
NIPO Software
Software and services for creating and analyzing surveys using standalone interviewing, CATI, CAPI and Web interviewing.
ObjectPlanet, Inc. - Opinio
Web-based survey software for creating and publishing surveys and questionnaires on the Internet or your intranet.
A subscription-based service for conducting professional web surveys and market research.
Poll Pro
Server software for adding web polls to web sites.

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